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      IT'S All About Capturing the SUN, Photovoltaic Solar Panels Reviews of Christensen Roofing


 Christensen Roofing BBB Business Review

Quality Materials and Expert Workmanship Are Our Keys To A Satisfied Customer

Let your Roof be your greatest asset. Photovoltaic Solar Panels on your roof can SAVE you HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of DOLLARS, over their lifetime.

Take advantage now of the Federal and Local Tax Rebates, sometimes up to 33% of the cost of your system.

Let us help you find out how much MONEY you can Save using your system.

In most cases your payments on your Solar Panels are lower than your current Electric Bill each month. If you pay $150 or more in Electric bills you need to call us, we can show you how to put your money to work for you and stop throwing it away.

Electric Bills will probably Double and Triple in the next few years, according to the Electric Companies. Don't wait until your bill is $600 to $900 and the Federal and Local Tax Rebates are gone. We can show you how your Electric bill can be close to $0. And we can arrange financing for most people.

Let us show you how you can drastically reduce your Electric Bill.

You can count on excellent results if you get a qualified and expert installation done with Christensen Roofing and Solar, a Family Owned and Operated Company. Let us help you switch your home or business over to solar energy.

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